Buddhist Scripture


Genjōkōan, sometimes translated as Actualizing the Fundamental Point, is an influential essay written by Dōgen, the founder of Zen Buddhism’s Sōtō school in Japan. It is considered one of the most popular essays in Shōbōgenzō.

Fukan zazengi

Fukan zazengi, also known by its English translation Universal Recommendation for Zazen, is an essay describing and promoting the practice of zazen written by the 13th century Japanese Zen monk Eihei Dōgen.

The Lankavatara

The Lankavatara Sutra is the holy grail of Zen. Zen’s First Patriarch, Bodhidharma, gave a copy of this text to his successor, Hui-k’o, and told him everything he needed to know was in this book. Passed down from teacher to student ever since, it covers all the major teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, and contains but two teachings: that everything we perceive as being real is nothing but the perceptions of our own minds and that the knowledge of this is something that must be realized and experienced for oneself and cannot be expressed in words.